My 8 Best Grammys 2015 Looks

I loooove awards shows and I especially love the Grammys. I sat through the entire E! News pre-show & then almost the entire awards show on Sunday because I absolutely adore the Grammys. I love music, it’s my favorite area of Hollywood, so I love the performances and I love seeing who wins what, even […]

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Visiting The Queen City

Here we are, with another month traveling between me and my last blog. I’m not sure if my post-concert depression was just so bad that I couldn’t even stomach the thought of writing about my One Direction concert, but something swept me away into thinking I could go another month without writing, even though I swore […]

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The Big Easy: Part 3

I guess this is good-bye, New Orleans… 😦 Our last two days in NOLA were a blast but also a time of recovery. Yes – two days. I’ll go into more detail next week during my One Direction post, but let’s just say that I did NOLA proud Thursday night, and by that I mean […]

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#OOTT: New Orleans

Some people have asked me (thank you Pinterest messages?) what I wore in New Orleans…Friday ended up being leggings and a t-shirt because putting on the bare minimum of make-up itself was a struggle. But otherwise, there were quite a few wardrobe changes…I took some pictures of what I wore in the bathroom for a […]

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