Once Upon a Time…

…There was a 2-weeks-from-being-21-years-old brunette who was so bored with her monotonous life in Lubbock, Texas, that she decided to take everything she had learned in her two years as an advertising major at Texas Tech (no, she does not know Kendall Jones, stop asking) and, with a little help from her friends, start a blog. Again.


That’s me. Yay!


Well, that’s (^) not me, that’s actually Harry Styles, but that .gif accurately describes my excitement. You see, I abuse my Twitter and Pinterest privileges by post, post, posting things that are both not funny at all and things that I find hilarious and everything on the scale between that. And on Pinterest, I mostly post clothes and food I will probably never make and babies and animals that are so cute I could die.

And black. A lot of black. Mostly black actually. Black clothes, nail polish, shoes, bags…even occasionally lipstick. Not that I’m going to go all “Kylie Jenner” with the black lipstick, but the option is there.

So why not bring all of my social media expertise – or lack thereof – to a platform where I can store all of my ideas, opinions, bad habits, opinions on Greek life, and incredibly questionable choices?

And here I am.


xoxo, Katy

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