X: Ed Sheeran

x (Deluxe Edition) - Ed Sheeran Released June 20, 2014 2014 Asylum Records UK
x (Deluxe Edition) – Ed Sheeran
Released June 20, 2014
2014 Asylum Records UK

I am absolutely obsessed with this ginger teddy bear. He can bring me to tears, make me laugh (“They say we’re up & coming like we’re f$%*ing in an elevator”…genius), and make my heart flutter in ways that would make a butterfly jealous. There is absolutely no way to deny his talent and if you do, you are deaf and dumb.

It’s almost as if I’m cheating on his first album and I’m constantly coming to a crossroads between skipping over an old song from The a Team Ep or + to hurry up and listen to his new stuff or to stay impartial and not pick a favorite album. I usually pick the latter because I honestly could not tell you what my favorite song of his. When I hate everyone, it’s definitely “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.” That I can be sure of.

As a lyrical genius, Ed Sheeran is 100% aware of what words, mixed with the exact right chords, can do to your heartstrings and your mind. This album just expands on the talent of his. I love all of the instruments used and how this album’s sound is different from +, but not a completely different genre. (Take note, T Swift).

To download Ed’s latest album, click the album cover above or click here to listen to it on Spotify.

Here are my favorite lyrics from the first five songs. I just can’t resist:

  1. One: Take my hand and my heart and soul, I will only have these eyes for you
  2. I’m A Mess: Easy baby, maybe I’m a liar
  3. Sing: And then she handed me a bottle of water with tequila. I already know that she’s a keeper just from this one small act of kindness, I’m in deep.
  4. Don’t: Baby, bring the lemon and a bottle of gin. We’ll be in between the sheets till the late A.M. Baby, if you wanted me then should’ve just said.
  5. Nina: And I said you are beautiful without your make-up. And you don’t even need to worry about your weight cause we can all be loved the way that God made us.

Aaaaaand finally, in case you doubted any of his talents, here’s a video of Ed performing 5 Seconds of Summer’s hit single, She Looks So Perfect, acoustically and never even practiced before live at Capital FM.



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