The Big Easy: Part 1

Our view down Canal from our hotel
Our view down Canal from our hotel

I am dead on the floor and barely recovered from our middle of the week excursion to New Orleans. Over the summer, my parents and I talked a lot about taking a trip somewhere for my 21st birthday – I don’t remember the last time I went on an actual trip and did fun, touristy things with my parents. We went back and forth and settled on Las Vegas for a while…and then I admitted I was really dying to go back to a One Direction concert and had no interest in going to Vegas until all of my friends were 21. New Orleans had always held a special interest to me and when I discovered there was a 1D concert there, it seemed perfect. And, thus, on Wednesday, September 24, I found myself getting the hell  out of Dodge boarding a flight out of Lubbock and straight to New Orleans. 5 hours later (dang Dallas layover…), I was meeting one of my oldest and closest friends, Molly, in the airport and we were getting in a cab to NOLA.

I WAS IN LOVE. As soon as we got to Canal Street, where our hotel, The Saint Hotel, was, I was rubbernecking like a mad person and couldn’t wait to get out. I don’t think I’ve ever changed or thrown on make-up so fast because within 30 minutes of getting to the hotel, we were back out on the street and making our way to Bourbon. My parents had gotten there a few hours before us and were already having fun…

ok Ginnie

…and if you don’t know Ginnie and Keith…they’re crazy people. Well Keith is. Keith likes to party. Ginnie like to watch us party and sometimes accidentally get drunk with us. We went to Bourbon House, which was one million out of five stars because it was not only super good but the waitstaff was awesome. They were making jokes with us and luckily noticed that I dropped my phone on the ground before I could leave without it. Within an hour of getting to New Orleans, Ginnie and Keith got me and Molly drunk – never a good sign. I had a Thibodaux Cooler and a Bourbon House Milk Punch to drink and they were not for a lightweight like myself because everything was blurry before we left. Luckily, we all were drunk (thank you Bourbon House for seating us in the back corner of the restaurant). Wayne and the rest of our waiters – y’all are the real MVP’s, ok. Thanks for photobombing all of our pictures. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

We walked right out onto the street and wandered up and down Bourbon for a long time. I spent a good while running ahead and looking in alleys trying to find ghosts, while they took in the sites. I was completely entranced by the history, the drinks, the people, and the music. I was loving it. Except for maybe the strip clubs. We wandered down a back street and happened upon Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, who were staring at us, presumably because I was yelling about ghosts. We waved hi & moved on, mostly because neither Molly nor I realized who it was and we knew better than to stare at some random dudes on a back street. We watch too much Criminal Minds for that.

I should mention that Keith takes his role as dad very seriously & so he makes a lot of fun of me and Molly, particularly for the fact that we were there to see a boy band. And also because I cannot handle my alcohol so I was, ya know, wasted already on Bourbon with my parents. *hater* If you’re going to be drunk with your parents, Bourbon is an appropriate place. (Sidenote: I would hang out with my parents all the time, but they don’t like me that much.) He had spent most of the night telling us we should find their hotel and say, “I’m Mrs. One Direction, give me my key” which I informed him would not work at all under any circumstance ever but he was pretty sure we should try. So anyway, imagine our embarrassment when you’re walking down the street, casually trying to find a quick place to get a Hand Grenade (NOLA’s “famous” melon-y drink which they sell everywhere in plastic grenade super cups that will knock you off your feet with one sip) and Keith is yelling at Molly about how she’s “Mrs. One Direction” & you turn around and Louis Tomlinson’s sister, Lottie, and two of One Direction’s band members are walking less than 3 feet behind y’all. I’m actually pretty sure they found quite a bit of entertainment from this drunk American family walking the streets of New Orleans and I’m not sorry, but we didn’t let Keith live it down the entire trip (or ever). So basically, of the 5 famous and semi-famous people we saw, we managed to embarrass ourselves in front of all of them. Welcome to my family.

Molly modeling a hand grenade
Molly modeling a hand grenade

We went back to the hotel and Molly and I changed and ditched the parents and headed right back to where we came from.

Snapchat always wins
Bourbon always wins

That snapchat accurately describes my feelings of helplessness in regards to taking on Bourbon Street. But I took one for the team. Ok, in actuality, Molly did because we were so adrenalined out from being in a new city and being moderately drunk that it was well worth it to stay out until 2 a.m. We continued to wander, in which we stumbled across One Direction’s hotel and this gaggle of girls:

The W Hotel

Which was kind of depressing, because like, as a human and normal person, I feel like maybe I wouldn’t want a bunch of girls standing outside my hotel when I get to go to a place as fun as NOLA?????? Just a thought. But I do understand wanting to get to see your idols. A girl told me Niall and Harry might be at House of Blues so we wandered over there and there were about the same number of girls standing outside there (where do they all come from???? It was also like 11:00 p.m., on a Wednesday) and just to see if we could get in, Molly and I mosied back to the back entrance.

Well we could and we did. We walked the complete opposite way of the crowd (WHICH PRETTY RECKLESS WAS PLAYING FOR AND I AM LOWKEY PISSED I MISSED THAT), right under the very large and intimidating “NO RE-ENTRY” sign and up to one of the bouncers who moved a bunch of people & goes, “HEY LET THESE GIRLS THROUGH.” I’m an eyelash-batter when I’m drunk so I may have helped myself into this situation. I was very confused. I really just wanted another drink and to pee, if I’m being totally honest, but the bar was mostly closed and they were cleaning up so we bailed even though Molly swore she heard British accents (I swore they weren’t there, but I also swore I saw ghosts, so who knows if I’m believable). We kept wandering and walking around, spending a lot of time talking to random people on the street because, hi, specialty is getting myself into questionable situations.

I would also like to brag on myself a minute. Not because I restrained from using all of my stalking skills (and I am top notch, CIA level skilled) to find One Direction or 5SOS and not because I didn’t run across the street to make friends with Ashton and Luke. No, I am very proud that I did not allow myself to buy a hot dog from one of the many hot dog vendors on the street for my drunchies. It was hard but I managed to power through the temptation. I’m 98% sure I deserve an award for that.

We eventually made our way back to the hotel where we showered and passed out to the lovely and constant lullaby of sirens. That’s it for our first day/night in NOLA – very eventful and full of adrenaline, with lots of laughs brought on by the fam and all of the crazy people on the street. I’m sure Molly or Ginnie will let me know if I’m forgetting anything. Watch out for my second part (because this post is already too long for just one part!) on Tuesday about Thursday in NOLA and my third part about our last day (*cries*) on Thursday!! xoxo

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