#ItsMonday: One Direction’s Fireproof vs. One Direction’s Steal My Girl

It’s Monday, so music may be the only good thing about today. Aaaaand today, One Direction’s new single, ‘Steal My Girl’ is released. Unless you’re actually a One Direction fan, in which it leaked yesterday and you’ve been listening to it nonstop for 24 hours. In a not-so-unexpected twist of events, ‘Steal My Girl’ is completely and totally different from ‘Fireproof,’ the free track that 1D dropped when they announced FOUR, their next and 4th album. (That’s very Bey of you, boys.)


But which one of One Direction’s new songs is a) the album going to sound like or b) WHICH IS BETTER????????? Well, there’s always pros and cons to each.

Click to listen to One Direction's 'Fireproof'
Click to listen to One Direction’s ‘Fireproof’

ProsIt’s got a cool, funky/beachy vibe that they haven’t really tried before and can definitely pull off. That sort of sound would definitely take them in a more adult direction and maybe attract a few more of the guys they are (almost desperately?) reaching for. The lyrics are good, nothing too special. It also samples each of their voices really well, in my opinion. I really dig the end after 2:14, especially when their voices are echoed. Ugh. Chills. It could be noted that some of the guitar and the sounds are a bit reminiscent of a pop-ified “Witchy Woman” by the Eagles or “Beast of Burden” by Rolling Stones. I’m not going to make comparisons nor say that that’s what I thought of when I first heard the song, but if you know “Witchy Woman” or “Beast of Burden” it’s worth listening to them back-to-back-t0-back. Not saying they’re the same, for anyone who gets up in arms over that “comparison” (which it isn’t, it’s an observation of similarities) – just that One Direction is definitely sampling some of the Rolling Stones’ and Eagles’ sounds and I’m on board.

Cons: Was it released separately and for free because it sounds nothing like the next album and won’t fit????? I was really feeling this vibe, at least for a few songs, and I will be a bit (a lot) disappointed if it ends up this is nothing like anything we get in November. This is a good direction to head in – as they get older, so should their music.

Best Lyrics: “Nobody saves me, baby, the way you do” (Zayn) // “I think I’m gonna win this time/Riding on the wind, and I won’t give up” (Louis)

Click to listen to One Direction's 'Steal My Girl'
Click to listen to One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’

Pros: It’s pop-py, yeah, no denying, but it’s not bubblegum. This is a lot of the same relaxed theme of ‘Fireproof,’ but taken in a different direction more reminiscent of Midnight Memories with the force behind the voices and the power bridges. (Speaking of, rock on with ya bad self, Niall.) I am loving that Louis and Niall are getting more voice time and how much they take over this song. Tommo was my first big 1D love and my heart swells with happiness to hear more of him and Niall, instead of the UAN-time “usually only chorus appearances that you couldn’t hear them in” thing that was just total bs. Solos for you, Lou Coco. You go Lou Coco. I literally choked on Louis’s solo in both songs, I love him. This song is just cool, it’s feel good and it’s boyish and it has a bit of a “Faithfully” vibe as mentioned by Lucas Villa (actually all the piano sends me straight into Journey territory as well tbh) and if I could get them to sample a bit of the Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight,” I would be A VERY HAPPY GIRL. I like this adult sound though I’m feeling it.

Lou Coco in his element
Lou Coco in his element

Cons: 2 things – this tweet from RulesForBelles that accurately describes “Steal My Girl”/Harry’s lack of solo except for 10 seconds which makes me sad but also happy:


And also the fact that some people were CONVINCED that Liam definitely leaked the song. I know he was bored/couldn’t sleep/whatever, but…….no. I’m not really into all these off-brand One Direction conspiracy theories, unless we all decide they’re all in love with me (they are (I know it (deep down))), but even this one is a little extreme. Also can we sidebar: remember when Liam said he’d be playing piano on this album, when he bitched out that reporter on Twitter? Does this mean that Liam is playing the piano IN STEAL MY GIRL???? Be still, my heart.

Liam thinking everyone who thinks he leaked SMG is crazy at WWANOLA (ya k I know it was before it was leaked)
Liam thinking everyone who thinks he leaked SMG is crazy at WWANOLA (ya k I know it was before it was leaked)

But which song is going to win this 1D (rap) battle?!?!?!?


I just couldn’t decide – they’re too different and I love them both separately, but equally. Although I will say I have listened to “Steal My Girl” more times in the past 24 hours than I am ok admitting to.

Make sure you buy “Steal My Girl” on iTunes today! One Direction’s new album, Four, is expected to be out November 17, 2014! xoxo

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