#OOTT: New Orleans

Some people have asked me (thank you Pinterest messages?) what I wore in New Orleans…Friday ended up being leggings and a t-shirt because putting on the bare minimum of make-up itself was a struggle. But otherwise, there were quite a few wardrobe changes…I took some pictures of what I wore in the bathroom for a friend (lol) so that’s why you can see the shower head behind it. It was really my only option considering there was one light in our entire hotel room.

(#OOTT = Outfit of the Trip, Mom)


This was the first outfit (post-plane) that I threw together and walked Bourbon with my family with. And I know, I know, you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but I just got these Jeffrey Campbell boots and I’m beyond obsessed with them and couldn’t resist.

Top: Francesca's Jeans: J Brand, from Neiman Marcus
Top: Francesca’s
Jeans: J Brand, from Neiman Marcus

After we got back from “Bourbon With the Parents,” Molly and I did a quick change for “Bourbon Solo.”

Top: BP. Clothing, Nordstrom Skirt: Tobi
Top: BP. Clothing, Nordstrom
Skirt: Tobi
Sweater: Francesca's (It's Molly's and she's pretty sure that's where she got it from)
Sweater: Francesca’s (It’s Molly’s and she’s pretty sure that’s where she got it from)

THESE are the beautiful JC’s I just bought – obsessed. I wore these pretty much whenever I could, which you can tell from how wrinkly they already are.

Jeffrey Campbell, from Nasty Gal


Maybe it was my neon shorts that attracted the crazy stalker lady? This is pretty much the same outfit I wore on my birthday, just with a longer sleeved shirt. I love this shirt, it’s one of my go-to’s, and I especially love the back. It hits about halfway down my back, so it’s not completely backless or *~*ScAnDaLoUs.*~* I wore the JC’s with this (again).

Top & shorts: Tobi
Top & shorts: Tobi




I threw my other outfits into my suitcase like an hour before my flight left – I work best under pressure. But I planned this outfit for quite a while, a.k.a. three days before the concert. So I took some mirror pictures to send to all of my friends so they could all approve it (they did.)

IMG_1632 IMG_1635It was a stadium concert, but I wanted to wear/bring a sweater because a) I didn’t want to be walking around in just a crop top, shorts, and heels around New Orleans at night and, b) I am ALWAYS cold and knew I’d regret not bringing a sweater. And I was very glad I did, because I was freezing, even during the concert so I was constantly switching back and forth.

Top & Shorts: Tobi Necklace: Kendra Scott
Top & Shorts: Tobi
Necklace: Kendra Scott
Sweater: Tobi
Sweater: Tobi
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

Both of these sweaters are those long, oversized sweaters that are really in style right now. I like to be covered up and so I love these sweaters to pair with something short or more exposing, because it makes me more comfortable with what I’m wearing and serves the purpose of keeping me warm(ish).

IMG_1946 10698670_10153183329708275_7983042761625106784_n

I’m throwing these in there to show what it all looked like together. That bottom one, with CJ & Molly, isn’t the greatest picture of me ever but it’ll do. I was definitely really happy with all of my outfits. I was worried the shoes would be uncomfortable to walk in, but they weren’t and I made sure to wear breezy, light clothing that I wouldn’t sweat through or feel obnoxious wearing.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to my new teal Converse, which carried me through the airports and around New Orleans. You’ve always been there for me/my favorite shoes right now. Never change.

Converse, from Journeys

I think my closet definitely appreciated getting used, because I was finally brushing all of the dust off of my clothes that I never get a chance to wear. Also, I think it’s clear that I have a huge obsession with Tobi, like every other girl my age.

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