The Big Easy: Part 3

I guess this is good-bye, New Orleans… 😦

Our last two days in NOLA were a blast but also a time of recovery. Yes – two days. I’ll go into more detail next week during my One Direction post, but let’s just say that I did NOLA proud Thursday night, and by that I mean I was inappropriately drunk in a sea of babies at the One Direction concert. Drunk enough to get made fun of for being drunk…by One Direction…

So it’s safe to say that the next day was a little rough. We went to Tableau with my parents, hours after we had promised ourselves we’d wake up and dragging our tired, dehydrated, pounding bodies down the streets and into this restaurant. And no one would bring me coffee. The struggle was so, so real and I was about to start flipping tables. I also ordered a hamburger that would have been delicious had I remembered that I am revolted by American cheese and therefore should take it off the burger. Oops. The service was pretty good, but a little snooty. Perhaps because Molly actually did almost flip our table multiple times and I got bread crumbs everywhere. On a scale of Dickie Brennan’s restaurants, I would definitely pick Bourbon House over Tableau for a multitude of reasons: friendlier staff, more options, and they don’t judge you for putting the bread in your purse and “sneaking out with it.” In my defense, they put the bread in to-go bags, basically, so it’s like dangling candy in front of you and telling you you can’t take it. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals – the combination of American cheese + being so hungover I actually thought my brain was going to bleed out of my ears and push my eyes right out of their sockets really did a number on me.


HOWEVER!!! There was a saving grace!! All hail PJ’s Coffee! I mean, yum. I ordered a white chocolate cappuccino and I think that the barista dude could tell I was having a rough start to the rest of my life, because he gave me a bigger size than I ordered and it was so, so good. Better than Starbucks, however, I’m a sucker for anything that’s a little more “homegrown” than Starbucks. :/ I just really, really, really, really, really love coffee. Like a latte. (See what I did there? I say this joke to my roommate, Caroline, all the time and she just ignores it because she doesn’t appreciate good humor.) After those initial sips of PJ’s, I was starting to turn into my natural, wonderful-but-still-very-grumpy-and-headachey self. Because Ginnie is Ginnie, we had to traipse back over to the cute little kids’ store for her to buy some New Orleans kids’ books for all the littles back home. And down there, we discovered Laura’s Candies, “New Orleans’ Oldest Candy Store.”

IMG_1890It was so cute and fun! I bought a giant postcard for my Grandma, because she loves that sort of stuff (even though I have yet to send it, I did write on it!) and a bar of fudge, which brightened my day a lot. Laura, I assume, was there and she was very friendly, telling us about meeting Whoopi Goldberg and helping us pick stuff out. The fudge was amazing – I had to stop myself from eating the whole brick in 30 minutes. And when I forgot my coffee at the counter, she hurried out to catch me before we got too far – what a nice lady, am I right? I was so appreciative because I had just realized I had forgotten it and was, to be honest, on the verge of tears from the loss. We continued wandering around, ducking in and out of shops and touching and smelling literally everything. We were those people. Just couldn’t help it! I wanted to suck everything up and take the whole city back with me. Next time, I would definitely want to stay closer to Chartres, because I feel like we spent so much time on that street, through the shops and restaurants that were in that area, because it’s just a little closer to the French Quarter and where we constantly were.

Molly and I were absolutely pathetic and after a little more wandering with my parents and then saying good-bye to them at the hotel, we spent the rest of the day in bed, catching up on our shows and me planning these blog posts. Pathetic and embarrassing, I know – we should’ve been setting the world on fire. We had every intention too, but…again…hangover…Yikes. Also, Molly got her credit card number stolen and someone managed to rack up $100 at Boogie Woogie (a New Orleans bar) and a couple of dollars on a Star Wars game. So clearly they have very eclectic taste. We spent a lot of the night trying to fix that, which was frustrating, as banks typically go.

The worst part of it all was that we had a plan to wake up super early and hit Cafe du Monde before we left, since we had to be out of our room by 11:30, but we woke up so late. (Molly woke up later than me so I’m going to say it was just her, and had absolutely nothing to do with me (she will be mad when she reads this (she’s mad now))). We rushed to pack all of our stuff – yeah, I know, we should’ve done that when we were being lazy in our hotel room for 10 hours, but we didn’t – and get dressed and then…we were off. 😦 I flew Southwest back to Lubbock, so we had to split up before security as she was flying back to Arkansas. 😦 😦

Just to clarify, only the purple suitcase is mine.

I definitely left a huge chunk of my heart and soul in New Orleans. Not to mention, I feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface of all there is to do. I didn’t even go on a ghost tour – what is wrong with me?!?!!? I’m very grateful to my Nana for buying my floor tickets, my parents for going with us and spoiling us all weekend, and Molly for dropping everything and going on this adventure with me! It would not have been the same, or nearly as fun, without them. So that’s my advice: stay on Chartres, eat all of the food, drink everything you see on Bourbon, and go with your parents. Getting drunk isn’t fun without your parents or best friends to get drunk with, let’s be honest. I’m so sad to be finished with my NOLA series, because it means it’s really over. I’ll be reliving it for forever. xoxo

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