One Direction: Where We Are NOLA

It has been almost three terribly long months since the family and I trekked to New Orleans for a little 21st birthday get away. In those 3 months, I have thought every day about the wonderful concert I attended…and got blackout at. I mean…really blackout. I know the entire point of New Orleans is to get drunk, but there was literally an eight year old sitting in front of me who I nearly spilled double vodka cokes on…twice. And screamed profanities. And just cried over Harry and all of them.

I SHOULD note that this is not my first time seeing One Direction. In 2012, three friends and I took our just-graduated-high-school selves to Houston and saw them perform to what was then their biggest crowd ever at like 20,000 odd people. Insane. We were all like 17/18/19 and babies and this was their first U.S. tour and beforehand, we had created a drinking game since we were busy watching the Up All Night tour DVD every night of our lives.

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Thanks to my Nana, we had good seats then. We were in the 10th row technically, but it was the first row behind the pit and therefore to the side of the stage and we had a grand ol’ time (despite our amazing signs not being allowed…#stillbitter) dancing away and screaming the words and blah blah blah Harry made fun of Ashlyn’s pelvic thrusting. Amazing.

I bought a few floor seats for WWA and they were on the floor near the end of the catwalk, so I knew they’d be good. But I didn’t know they would be as good as they were. Miraculously, we ended up being in the row at the very base of the catwalk with only six seats. Six seats in the whole row. We made friends with Bella and her sister Sofia (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and while Molly and I had already been drinking with my parents, we continued to drink and probably scared them seeing as we were well on our way to getting smashed. Absolutely hammered. In Molly’s defense, I was much more drunk than she was. I was celebrating my 21st birthday again, two months later.

I very firmly believe that for the entire year after you turn 21, you can pull the “…I’m 21” card when presented with something alluding to “you’re being embarrassingly drunk please stop.”

pretty much how I felt the entire time
pretty much how I felt the entire time

So, anyway, my heart pretty much stopped when they came onstage. I love all five of them, but I won’t pretend like I don’t have an extra soft place in my heart for THE Harry Styles. So imagine the heart palpitations I had when guess who ran straight in front of me – yes, the one and only Mr. Styles, who said in the concert film: “You can’t help but have little areas of the crowd that you keep going back to. It just happens naturally. It’s like [there’s] little spots where you will always recognize people.” Spoiler alert: he was talking about me. Ok lol he really wasn’t, at all, but it was a dream come true that my fave spent pretty much the entire night in front of me, waving and dancing and blowing me us kisses. As if that night could have gotten any better. Oh wait, it did, when Wayne the VIP bartender (it says a lot about New Orleans when the floor “bathrooms” are Port-A-Potties while the bar serves Grey Goose & Absolut and the bartenders are dressed to the nines) had me and our “two double vodka cokes” memorized and ready for me immediately. The real MVP. Trying to keep me alive and well all night.

I’m not sure why YouTube decided to absolutely destroy my pictures and their quality, but here’s a slideshow of all my pictures matched up with some of the music that was being sung. {I put the best pictures in a gallery at the end of this post!}



Perrie Edwards (the cute blonde of Little Mix & Zayn Malik’s fiancé) and Eleanor Calder (Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend) were both in attendance at the concert, but I couldn’t really catch a glimpse of El from where I was. However, I did spend a good amount of time staring at Perrie instead of actually watching the boys because I’m also really obsessed with her. During one of the songs, Zayn was walking down the catwalk and they had the cutest little moment where she was sort of waving at him and he was just staring at her and started laughing and it was just cute as could be and made my cold, black heart melt a little.


Everything about him. All of it. This moment was particularly great, if only because it was very unexpected and led to one million more screams. We’ll come back to this.



Um?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! WHAT. Can you just like…imagine the freak out that occurred when we saw that they could literally see us even if they didn’t want to. One act of good karma was that since my friends and little sister weren’t allowed to go, and my parents wouldn’t come with us (why?!), they walked down Bourbon and handed two random girls two of our floor seat tickets and said “enjoy.”


There was so much winking and kiss blowing like straight to us. The Narry feels are so real but in like a surreal way. We were completely uninhibited to the point of where were like “HI PLEASE LOVE ME WE ARE RIGHT HERE PINTS LATER?!”


In that YouTube video, towards the end, there’s a moment of Harry blowing kisses in our direction. He also waved and blew kisses and stuff while making eye contact with us and making fun of how drunk we were. We also happened to be in the section where he spit water on…I was not too happy about this. I don’t care how many girls like it and I don’t care that you’re famous. I don’t really want your whale water with your mouth germs raining down on me when I’ve done my make-up and hair. You’re still a boy and boys are gross.

In all seriousness, these boys are incredible performers and I am so proud to be a fan of them. The concert was amazing and just so much fun. Luckily I got to experience it with Molly, who’s one of my very best ride or die friends, and I feel so blessed to be able to have experienced the entire Where We Are show from so close and get to see every detail of the perfectly crafted jawline that belongs to Zayn Malik.


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