The Big Easy: Part 2

(Just side noting that I’m writing this as I listen to Steal My Girl for the – not kidding – 127th time today so.) Well, Thursday started off very interesting for us. In anticipation for THE BIG DAY (also known as One Direction Day), Molly & I woke up about 3 hours after we had […]

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#ItsMonday: One Direction’s Fireproof vs. One Direction’s Steal My Girl

It’s Monday, so music may be the only good thing about today. Aaaaand today, One Direction’s new single, ‘Steal My Girl’ is released. Unless you’re actually a One Direction fan, in which it leaked yesterday and you’ve been listening to it nonstop for 24 hours. In a not-so-unexpected twist of events, ‘Steal My Girl’ is completely and totally […]

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The Big Easy: Part 1

I am dead on the floor and barely recovered from our middle of the week excursion to New Orleans. Over the summer, my parents and I talked a lot about taking a trip somewhere for my 21st birthday – I don’t remember the last time I went on an actual trip and did fun, touristy things with […]

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Nothing has ever made me angrier than this article by Total Sorority Move. Not because I have had boyfriends that cheated on me, but because this is not representative of sororities and it is on a website for sororities. This Cosmopolitan article is just stupid and this article, from Buzzfeed, is one of MANY that hopped on […]

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Dear Grandma, Obviously I am bad at this!!!!!!! I know that you have probably read my tweets & maybe a Facebook post or two in the past month since I completely abandoned my blog – but I solemnly swear that once I get my head on straight, I will make it a point (no, a HABIT) […]

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X: Ed Sheeran

I am absolutely obsessed with this ginger teddy bear. He can bring me to tears, make me laugh (“They say we’re up & coming like we’re f$%*ing in an elevator”…genius), and make my heart flutter in ways that would make a butterfly jealous. There is absolutely no way to deny his talent and if you […]

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